Lawmaker: Indictment of anti-abortion activists is a 'cautionary lesson' for Capitol Hill

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A lawmaker who opposed the bill that would defund Planned Parenthood says the recent indictment of the people behind the undercover video is a, "cautionary lesson" to others on Capitol Hill to wait for all the facts on an issue before passing any legislation.

The indictment, filed in Houston, claims the two people behind the video are accused of using fake driver's licenses to infiltrate the group.

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Sen. Susan Collins (R- Maine) spoke with Sinclair Tuesday about the indictment, saying it "shows why we need to wait until all the facts are in in these various investigations that are taking place into allegations that Planned Parenthood trafficked in human tissue in violation of federal laws. This grand jury found that was not the case."

Collins says the decision shows that it was premature of Capitol Hill to move forward with any elimination of funding for the non-profit.

The legislation to defund Planned Parenthood passed the House in September. It has been calendared for discussion in the Senate during the next session.

"I'm personally very happy that I opposed all the attempts to defund Planned Parenthood. All that would've done is to force women who rely upon Planned Parenthood for family planning services to have to find another healthcare provider when they were happy with the healthcare they were receiving," said Collins.

"What is not appropriate - is to yank all the federal funding from Planned Parenthood when we don't have the facts."

Collins said she hoped to hear the outcome of other investigations before making any decisions in the future.

Information from The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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