Welcome, hunters! Remember: 'Fire danger remains high'

    (Image via DFPA)

    ROSEBURG, Ore. - Oregon's most popular deer hunting season opens this Saturday, and the dry conditions don't just mean twigs and leaves will snap underfoot as hunters stalk deer.

    “We have had a very tough fire season with the number of human-caused wildfires well above average,” said Tom Fields with the Oregon Department of Forestry. “Fire danger remains high in many areas and the slightest spark still carries a great deal of potential to turn into a large fire.”

    "Fire officials say that it is important to know what fire restrictions are in place before heading to the woods and notes that specific fire restrictions may vary between different agencies and districts," the Douglas Forest Protective Association said.

    Across all or most of Oregon:

    • Campfires remain prohibited or allowed only in metal fire rings in developed campgrounds.
    • Exploding targets, smoking and driving off road are banned in most areas.
    • ATVs should have a functioning fire extinguisher.
    • Vehicles should have either a gallon of water or a fire extinguisher, and a shovel, except when traveling off state highways and county roads onto public lands.

    You can find specifics for public lands protected by the Oregon Department of Forestry on this interactive map.


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