Watch: Time lapse video of Maine's famous spinning ice circle will mesmerize you

    Large disc of ice spins in Maine's Presumpscot River (Photo via Chris Horvat / Brown University &

    WESTBROOK, Maine -- The massive spinning block of ice that has captivated the nation in Westbrook, Maine now can be seen 24/7.

    Chris Horvat with Brown University's Environmental Sciences program commissioned a live web camera to be perched where you can now watch the spinning ice circle whenever you want. It even has a time lapse function to really get a feel for it:

    Westbrook city officials say the disc, which is about 300 feet across, formed from the churning water current created by the waterfall just 100 feet north of the disk. It's causing it to slowly spin counter-clockwise.

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    Roughly watching this, it appears it makes one full circle about every half hour.

    However, local residents dizzy from the spins are getting a break. City officials said temperatures that dropped to zero have caused ice to build up on the edges of the river and the disc has stopped spinning for now.

    But warmer weather is set to return soon. Will the circle start spinning again? Keep tabs here.

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