Watch: B-17 makes majestic flight over snow-capped Cascades on cross-state adventure

The B-17 "Madras Maiden" makes a flight over the Cascades (Photo Courtesy: ParkAir Vision)

Take a beautiful plane flying on a beautiful Northwest day across the beautiful Cascade Mountains and there's only one way to describe this video:


A team with ParkAir Vision, which provides aerial photography, flew alongside the historic B-17 plane as it made the journey from its birthplace in Renton to Spokane this weekend for the next stop on its tour across the West. Of course, they had to go on a day that showed off the Northwest in all its ways.

"We (ParkAir Vision) are a small team that has designed and built a gyro-stabilized aerial camera system to provide this type of imagery to a demographic which was previously devoid of a solution," says John Parker with ParkAir Vision. "Footage like this would have in the past only been possible to obtain through one of the Hollywood Jet camera platforms (similar to that which filmed 'Top Gun')."

The plane is part of the Erickson Aircraft Collection and is known as the "Madras Maiden."

"The Liberty Foundation's Public Flight Experience offers rides on the B-17 to promote the historical significance of these aircraft and their contribution in history," Parker says. "It's living history."

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