Umpqua River anglers: Hot weather fishing tips


ROSEBURG, Ore. – With the warm Umpqua River water temperatures near Elkton, anglers are encouraged to practice hot weather ethical angling., Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says.

The North Umpqua River temperature was 74 degrees Wednesday morning at Winchester Dam.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologist Evan Leonetti offers these tips for anyone fishing for salmon and steelhead in the Umpqua River during hot weather:

  • Fish during the cooler early mornings or evenings.
  • Land your fish quickly to help increase survival rates.
  • Keep your fish in at least six inches of water while releasing it.
  • Revive the fish before release. Keep the fish upright facing into the current, and if the current is slow, move the fish back and forth slowly to help oxygenate the gills.
  • Please avoid angling in areas where fish are vulnerable while they are seeking cooler water.

“Steelhead and chinook salmon are dealing with low river flows and higher water temperatures, so we really appreciate anglers helping the fish out by following these tips,” Leonetti said. “Our hot weather is expected to continue.”

Governor Kate Brown declared a drought emergency for Douglas County on June 18 due to low snowpack and precipitation, low streamflows, and warming temperatures.

Douglas County was the first region west of the Cascades to receive drought declaration this year.

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