Pieces of dock wash ashore in Coos Bay

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Residents near Lighthouse Beach in Coos Bay woke up to find a lot more than seaweed washed ashore Monday morning.

5 pieces of dock washed ashore overnight, and officials say that right now, they're trying to find out who it belongs to.

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department believes the dock floated away from a nearby harbor with two boats attached to it.

Now, sections of wood, cement and Styrofoam line the beach. "We do have foam up and down the beach here, that will be our first priority to get that cleaned up," said Calum Stevenson of the Oregon Parks & Recreation Dept.

Because the beach is surrounded by cliffs, Stevenson says removing the dock will be tough. "There are some options like breaking it up piece by piece and hauling it out that way, or by sea, but like I said, the suction might be enough that they might not be able to get it back to sea."

Officials say that once they find the owners, they're going to work with them to get the beach cleaned up as soon as possible.

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