Need an Idaho adventure? Head to Burgdorf Hot Springs, but find a good snowmobile first!

Thirty miles north of McCall sits a little resort called Burgdorf, best known for its hot springs. (Ashten Goodenough)

Thirty miles north of McCall sits a little resort called Burgdorf, best known for its hot springs.

At this time of year the only way through these misty Mountains is on a snowmobile or another type of beastly snow vehicle. Pending weather conditions, the trip is about 35 minutes. As an unseasoned snowmobiler, the groomed trails made for an easy ride. Fun fact for all you newbies, it may look like every rider is waving at you, but they're actually signaling how many people are behind them. I’m sure they're all very friendly, but not nearly as friendly as I originally thought.

For you seasoned sporters, once you get to Burgdorf there’s plenty of off trail terrain and wide open spaces. If you see a frantically waving motorist, that’s me.

We settled into the 150 year old rustic cabin. Rustic is not an exaggeration. These cabins have no running water or electricity and feel like you’re living in an old western movie. Since all other cabins were booked, we ended up with the largest, ten person cabin. It was like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. After testing out each bed, the bed by the wood burning stove was warm, but not too warm.

Once everything was just right, we saddled up the snowmobiles and rode into ‘town’ five miles from the cabin. Secesh Stage Stop (say that ten times fast) is the local spot to fill up on food, drink, gas and good small town company. Not to mention small town hospitality! When we started to head out it was cold, wet, and…the snowmobile broke down. After asking for tow ropes, the locals were quick in offering to tow us back to the cabin. Long story short, it turned into quite an adventure that involved the bumper falling off, being stranded in the middle of the road (in the middle of the dark, in the middle of nowhere), finally making it back to our Walden cabin thanks to our friendly chofer, and ending the long night in the steamy hot springs. Burgdorf is one of those places you wouldn’t mind being stuck in. I’d recommend this trip to anyone looking for a quick wilderness getaway. Make sure you’re equipped!

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