Highest tides of the year happening on Oregon coast

(KCBY image)

COOS BAY, Ore. -- The highest tides of the year happened over the weekend on the Oregon coast.

Taking place December 3-5, biologists said "king tides" happen when the sun is closer to the earth during winter months.

In Coos Bay, the highest reach of the tide was expected to happen on Sunday around noon.

"They tend to occur in winter because that's when the earth is closest to the sun, so if there's a storm at the same time and you get a storm surge coming ashore, then you have a high tide plus the storm surge and that's when you get the most flooding," said Alan Shanks with Oregon Institute of Technology.

Coos Bay has experienced some minor flooding in the past as a result of king tides.

Other locations along the coast will vary on different days due to the tide sequence.

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