Moulton Falls bridge push could have been fatal, doctor says

Moulton Falls arch bridge - Image from KATU's Reed Andrews.jpg

The doctor who treated a teenage girl after she was shoved off the Moulton Falls arch bridge and into the water says the teenager is lucky to be alive.

"She wasn't very injured considering if she had fallen a different way she could have broke her neck, she could be a quadriplegic," said Dr. MaryClare Sarff.

Dr. Sarff says that even though the teen fell in to water from that height "the water is like concrete."

On Thursday, a handful of people ventured to the falls, peered over the edge of the bridge, and looked down to the East Fork Lewis River.

"Pushing someone off is even more crazy," said Katie Weathers, who says she saw kids jumping off the bridge when she was growing up, but never dared to take the leap herself.

Jeff Hayden grew up in North Portland and says 40 years ago he and a handful of friends would jump off of the bridge.

"If she would have shoved her from down below, the girl would have had a chance to go feet first," Hayden said of the video showing the teen falling off the bridge. "Shoving her from the shoulder, your momentum is just going to carry you forward and you're going to land on your stomach, do a belly flop and get seriously hurt."

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