WATCH: Bed bugs overtake hotel bedroom in video likely to make your skin crawl

    WATCH: Bed bugs overtake hotel bedroom in video likely to make your skin crawl

    SAN ANTONIO - We received disturbing cellphone video will likely make your skin crawl, from someone visiting San Antonio.

    "I feel traumatized,” said Kali Powell. “My kids feel traumatized, and my mom does too."

    Powell had been staying at the Drury Inn and Suites in Stone Oak Friday night, when she noticed bed bugs.

    “They were on the sheets,” said Powell. “They were on the headboard, and the pillows.”

    Powell’s two kids had already been asleep. She woke them up, after noticing the bugs.

    “It was the most nasty thing,” said Powell. “They were big, they were little. There was blood on the sheets. That was from when, we were flipping the sheets, and bugs were crushed by the sheets.”

    A spokesperson from Drury Hotels provided the below statement regarding the incident.

    The safety and comfort of our guests is our top priority,” said the Drury Spokesperson. “No hotel can prevent bed bugs from being introduced, but we are extremely vigilant and take proactive steps to check on a daily basis and treat any issues as soon as they are discovered. We are currently treating one room in our hotel. Surrounding rooms and areas have been thoroughly inspected and no evidence of bed bugs has been detected. Upon finding out about the incident we immediately moved the guest to another room and did not charge for the stay. We are sorry for the inconvenience this caused our guest.

    We spoke with Chance Tawater from Truly Nolen Pest Control. He tells us their company is all too familiar with bed bug calls.

    "It doesn't matter what part of town it is, how new, or how old,” said Tawater.

    According to Tawater, it’s impossible for hotels to avoid bed bugs. They’re also very common in homes.

    "Kids can be playing across the street at the neighbor's house, if they have them, they bring a book-bag over, they bring a toy over, you can get just as infested that way,” said Tawater.

    After her incident with the bed bugs, Powell wants to warn others to check beds at hotels, and even their homes.

    “There's always time to look at the mattresses and bedding,” said Powell. “I would never want to relive this.”

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