Lamborghini goes up in flames at Missouri gas station

Via CNN NewsSource

KIRKWOOD, Mo. -- A very pricey sportscar in Missouri is now just a charred frame after it went up in flames.

The incident happened after the driver of another vehicle adjacent to a Lamborghini pulled away with the gas pump still in the car.

"I've seen people drive away from pumps and make mistakes, but never seen something to that extent with that much money being destroyed," Thomas George, who was also at the station when it happened, told KTVI-TV in St. Louis.

The man who owned the red Ferrari next to the burning Lamborghini, Parker Gelber, posted on Facebook the pump sprayed fuel into the engine bay of the Lamborghini Huracan and it ignited, setting the $200,000 vehicle in flames.

Thankfully, no one got hurt and Gelber's red Ferrari only got covered in ash.

"I feel sorry for their insurance company by seeing that and for the person that owns it, too," said gas station customer Brent Oesterle.

Onlookers say this is a clear indication that drivers should always pay attention before, during and after fueling.

"Definitely a lesson to people to make sure that they are not doing what this man did and not making the same mistakes," George said.

Police say that the driver of the van that caused the busted pump will not be charged.

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