Cheerleaders dedicate basketball game to hit-and-run survivor

Ana Wakefield. (Contributed Photo)

Every sports team needs a cheer squad to push them to fight little harder.

A Sandy High School squad cheered a little louder at Monday night’s JV boys basketball game.

“This is the first game we're cheering at and we thought this was a great way to spread awareness and to tell everyone what's happening and what's happened,” said Emily Yarnell, the freshman squad leader at Sandy.

They're cheering on a woman who’s in the fight of her life.

Ana Wakefield is learning how to walk again after she was injured by a hit-and-run driver last October.

In a video posted on Facebook Sunday by her father David Wakefield, Ana said, “Thank you for praying; I really needed it.”

Ana’s recovery may be slow, but her support is strong.

“I have a cold and I feel like it's the end of the world. I can never imagine the pain and suffering that she's going through every second of her day since it happened,” said Yarnell. “I know she'll make it through. She fought so hard already.”

Throughout Tuesday's game, the squad wore "Fight like Ana" T-shirts and bracelets.

Most of the girls don't know Ana, but want her to know they're supporting her all the way to recovery.

“Nobody should go through that so we should all support each other,” said Kalei Evans, one of the cheerleaders

“I hope you get better soon and you're definitely in my prayers every day and everyone loves you,” said Yarnell.

Yarnell created the T-shirts. If you’d like a bracelet or t-shirt, you can can e-mail her mother, Heather at They are taking donations; all the proceeds will go toward Ana’s medical bills.

Ana also has a YouCaring page that facilitates other donations.

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