Taco Bell gives Ore. man who survived on 'fire' sauce in wilderness a year of free food

    The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office says a Sunriver man and his dog survived for five days while stuck in the snow on a Forest Service road. They say the man used taco sauce packets he had as food. Photo courtesy Deschutes County Sheriff's Office

    PORTLAND, Ore. – The Oregon man who survived five days stuck in the snowy wilderness with only Taco Bell hot sauce packets to eat is sharing his story with Good Morning America.

    Deschutes County sheriff's deputies say a snowmobiler came across Jeremy Taylor and his dog Ally last Friday.

    Taylor says he ended up getting stranded when he took a back-road home after exploring the area. To make matters worse, Taylor didn't have a phone.

    He says he and Ally tried to hike to get help, but the snow was just too deep.

    Taylor says he found the hot sauce in his driver's side door.

    "At that point I was obviously hungry. I didn't feel like I was like starving, but it was I mean when you have nothing, it's nice. You know, even hot sauce is gonna be something," said Taylor.

    Taylor says he and Ally kept warm with a sleeping bag and a few sweatshirts.

    Authorities say Jeremy Taylor did several other things right – like staying close to his dog to keep warm, and only running his vehicle through the coldest overnight temperatures.

    On Facebook, Taylor revealed to friends that the taco sauce in question was just three packets of Taco Bell “fire” sauce.

    After hearing about his story, Taco Bell offered Taylor a year of free food.

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