Photos: Could this be the most amazing motorcycle ever built?

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    The TMC Dumont is a jaw-dropping ride with eye-catching 36-inch hubless wheels.

    Powered by a vintage 300-horsepower Rolls-Royce aircraft engine from a 1960s aircraft, it is the work of Brazilian former Formula One driver Tarso Marques.

    Described as "the most expressive event of customization in the world", Tarso says the vehicle is the culmination of years of planning.

    Tarso Marques explains: "It's a special project that I've been dreaming about for at least 15 years. I did not develop it before because it was very difficult to realize it without technological assistance from outside partners. And I wanted this to be a 100% Brazilian project, without any foreign supplier. Everything in it was developed and manufactured in Brazil, from the painting to the machining of wheels and chassis."

    The decision to incorporate what Tarso describes as the "the largest wheels ever made for a motorcycle" was made to invoke a reaction in the observer. "It is practically impossible to remain indifferent or to not be impacted by the design and form in front of you," he says.

    The wheels are fixed in a lower section, so the vehicle appears to be "floating". The tires also had to be fully manufactured by TMC and are exclusive to Dumont's use.

    The engine was salvaged from an air club in Paraná and required complete restoration. "We had to to open the entire engine and virtually redo it, from refrigeration, fuel pump, to machining of some specific parts."

    Tarso enjoyed the idea that the bike is so outlandish that people might not believe it could run. He explains: "The idea was to make everyone doubt that it was a standard bike, but a prototype. And we really got that done. However, one of the rules to participate in the customization event (Daytona Bike Week 2018) is that the bike must actually run and run normally. To everyone's surprise, I made it a point to arrive at the event by driving TMC Dumont. And it was very gratifying and fun to see the reaction of people."

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