Indiana man builds massive motorcycles

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SOUTHBEND, Indiana (WSBT) - A South Bend, Indiana business owner has built what he says is the world's largest production motorcycle. It is built with semi-truck parts and has 15-inch tires. It is big.

Jim Gesto has been in the trucking business all his life.

“I started driving when I was 15,” says Gesto, who likes to joke, “That was three years ago, I just look old.”

Gesto owns Belle Way Trucking, but now he's also building motorcycles.

“I just started building and throwing components at it,” says Gesto.

Gesto's bike is like nothing you've ever seen before. He calls them Tower Trikes.

His inspiration came from years of driving trucks and seeing serious motorcycle crashes.

“One of the things that kind of bugged me was I’m on our road and I see that car ran over a motorcycle...How do you solve that problem? Well, you build a motorcycle big enough to run over a car,” says Gesto.

Gesto researched the biggest motorcycle you could build and still legally call it a motorcycle, and his Tower Trike is what he came up with. It is just under 11,000 pounds, has 15-inch tires and an 80-gallon diesel fuel tank. The horn is, appropriately, a train whistle. The engine can pull a semi.

“We custom build the engine,” says Gesto.

Gesto says everything on these bikes are built with safety in mind: Saving lives and saving hearts.

“We are kind of a cross between goth and God. I couldn’t tell where to draw the line but we got both,” says Gesto.

The bikes will have a large cross mounted to the back, the 10 Commandments written on the tail end and a salute to police and firefighters. Each bike a testimony to his faith.

People notice. During a quick ride down the bypass, countless drivers slowed down, stared and honked. Gesto says that's a good thing.

“This is a testimony that will outlive me. This truck has a life span of probably a million miles,” says Gesto.

Gesto says he has the ability to mass produce and he hopes to start with 1,000. He says he already has some orders.

Check out his website here:

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