Must See: Video shows moment truck crashed into Centro bus last week

A Centro video obtained by CNYCentral shows the dramatic moment a truck crashed through the side of the bus and got stuck last week.

Some passengers can be seen reacting to the oncoming truck in the bus' surveillance video. At the moment the truck strikes the bus, a passenger is tossed across the bus by the force of the impact. The video can be seen by clicking on the video player at the top of this article.

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Amazingly there were no serious injuries after the crash, which happened on January 19th on the 2000 block of Park Street. Six passengers were taken to area hospitals for treatment of minor, non life-threatening injuries, and the driver of the bus was also taken to St. Joseph's Hospital for treatment of chest pain, according to Syracuse Police. The most serious injury for an individual involved a broken leg and a hand injury.

Police said they believe the driver of the truck, an 82-year-old man from West Monroe, was getting off Interstate 81 when he swerved to avoid stopped traffic and went off the road, into the grass and into the side of the bus.

The driver of the truck, 82-year-old Neil Brownell of West Monroe, was not injured. His wife, who was a passenger in the truck, was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital to be treated for chest pain.

Syracuse Police said Friday Brownell had been ticketed for Failure to Reduce Speed on a curve and Failure to Keep Right on a Highway. Police said Brownell "apparently was not familiar with the area and upon exiting the ramp (from Interstate 81) for the mall, coming around the curve he saw stopped traffic ahead of him and mistakenly hit the accelerator instead of applying the brakes sending him off the road and into the bus."

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