Wildlife Safari to expand Tiger Oasis


WINSTON, Ore. - The Wildlife Safari in Winston plans to add a few furry friends in the near future when the animal theme park expands its Tiger Oasis.

They've added three yards with new fencing, along with six new rooms. The aim is to breed endangered Sumatran Tigers.

The Wildlife Safari has successfully bred other animals in the past, and it's currently the number two cheetah breeding center in the world.

The team is hoping to see some new faces in the coming year.

"Hopefully by the end of this year we will have another tiger here at the park that we can kind of introduce to our new tigers and start that breeding program," said Maddy Tweedt, a Carnivore Keeper at Wildlife Safari. " Hopefully with the possibility of having cubs here on the ground in the next year."

While the park waits for a new tiger, people can still visit the two female Sumatran Tigers in their new space.

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