Whooping cough cases confirmed in Douglas County, linked to Lane County cases

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    ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Douglas County health officials are confirming a number of whooping cough cases they say are connected to the outbreak in Lane County.

    Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, is a respiratory illness that causes severe coughing that could be deadly for small children and infants.

    The North Douglas School District has confirmed one case.

    Health officials say there have been less than ten in north county, but they want people to know the symptoms.

    "A really really really bad cough. It usually starts off like a cold, but this cough progresses to the worst cough you've ever heard," explained Dr. Bob Dannenhoffer, Douglas County Health Officer.

    While officials say the whooping cough outbreak in Douglas County is now contained, they want the public to know the best way to prevent it from being spread is to get vaccinated.

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