What the hay? Watch as massive dust devil pelts pickup truck in Oregon

    A dust devil strikes a pickup truck in Lebanon, Oregon on July 2, 2018 (Photo: Jennifer Scott)

    ALBANY, Ore. -- A leisurely drive on a sunny day near Albany, Oregon Monday turned into quite the adventure when a dust devil formed and found some old hay.

    Jennifer Scott was driving her truck on Goltra Road with her three kids and a family friend when she spotted a large dust devil about a mile away.

    The swirl began to pick up what appeared to be a lot dry hay in the fields making for a surreal sight -- a sight that became a bit more unnerving as the dust devil approached.

    "I thought, 'wow, that looks really big,' so I started slowing down and realized how big it was," she said. "I told the kids to roll up the windows and we are going to stop because I don't know how strong the winds are."

    She stopped just in time for the growing devil to come closer.

    "I thought it was going to stay in the field and go right past us," she said.

    But the dust devil kept coming - and eventually blew right over their truck, pelting it with large swaths of hay and straw.

    "It was so exciting, we were screaming like crazy!" she said. "The truck shook and you could hear the hay scratching the truck."

    Dust devils are caused when you have hot air suddenly rising from warm ground. As this air rises, it can sometimes create a little vortex of swirling air. They're usually harmless, but can pack a powerful punch in a small area.

    Luckily the winds this time weren't strong enough to do any damage -- unless you count the cost of a car wash.

    "After it passed over us, my truck bed was overflowing with hay!!" she said. "It was a great experience!!

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