What can your pets eat at Thanksgiving? Veterinarian weighs in

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ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Thanksgiving is next week and with it comes a warning about holiday food that can make your furry friends sick.

Veterinarians say do not give dogs fatty foods that are high in protein - things like ham, turkey skins, and gravy.

Those foods can cause vomiting and diarrhea, they say.

Also on the "do not feed your pets" list are grapes and raisins, which vets say are toxic for dogs and can be deadly.

However, there are some foods you can give your pet under the Thanksgiving table.

"A little bit of straight turkey meat, potatoes with nothing on them, veggies, straight veggies - shouldn't do any harm," says Dr. Alan Ross, a veterinarian at Companion Animal Clinic in Roseburg.

Veterinarians also warn against turkey bones, which can lead to constipation for your pet.

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