'We live in the cougar's habitat, we're in their area'

    'We live in the cougar's habitat, we're in their area'

    LANE COUNTY, Ore. - Recent cougar sightings have become all-too familiar in our area, as we've had at least a half-dozen reported sightings in the last week.

    Some local schools are even taking matters into their own hands to stay safe while these cougars are on the prowl.

    The last sighting took place on 42nd street in Springfield, where police say that several domestic cats were killed by a cougar. All of the sightings have been close to each other, and near several schools and neighborhoods.

    James Pearson, from Oak Hill School did say that he believes the cougars may be coming down from the hills to seek new territory. Pearson has been a part of the school for the last five years, and he never had heard of a cougar sighting until after some land was clear cut.

    Whatever the reason is, cougar sightings have been on the rise. However, they are still rare, so being vigilant is the best way to keep safe.

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