Weather cooperates for Umpqua Watersheds' annual MLK Clean-Up Day

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- In the spirit of the holiday, some in Roseburg took advantage of the day off to beautify the community.

It was the first annual MLK Clean-Up Day, hosted by the Umpqua Watersheds.

Kids with CASA and other environmentally-friendly people visited Gaddis Park for a trash pickup.

The project host says recent high waters made their job a little easier.

"The weather's great,” said Umpqua Watersheds Outreach Coordinator Alan Bunce. “After the high water event, all the vegetation’s knocked down and all the trash is just sitting there waiting to be picked up. So we really nailed it today as far as getting lucky."

Umpqua Watersheds partnered with the local UCAN AmeriCorps group to gather volunteers for the cleanup.

Roseburg Disposal and Douglas County gave a helping hand by waiving disposal fees and providing a dumpster.

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