Umpqua Health Alliance helps keep child vaccinations up to date

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ROSEBURG, Ore. -- There is global discussion surrounding vaccinating children, but according to Umpqua Health Alliance, the science is clear: Vaccines are the best way to fight against the spread of deadly infectious diseases.

“Immunizations are one of the most important achievements of modern medicine,” says Dr. Ricardo Zegarra, a pediatrician at Umpqua Health. “In the past, diseases like polio or diphtheria used to cause severe disabilities or even death among children. Thanks to vaccines, these previously common diseases, and many others, have become rare in the U.S.”

Dr. Zegarra has seen an increase in children getting all of their necessary immunizations in the last few years, but for any parents whose children aren’t up to date on their vaccines, Umpqua Health says they can help. Both Umpqua Health clinic locations are currently accepting patients, and can help get kids the vaccinations they need, the organization said.

“I always tell my patients not to be afraid of vaccines,” says Dr. Zegarra. “There is a lot of information out there, just make sure what you read is accurate. And trust your provider. Doctors all over the world recommend vaccinating your children and the reason is simple: vaccines work.”

Oregon law requires all children have up-to-date vaccines in order to attend school or childcare. The February 21 cutoff date, known as School Exclusion Day, is quickly approaching, and kids whose vaccination records aren’t up to date will be sent home that day.

The law doesn’t just apply to school-age children: All children in public and private schools, as well as preschools, Head Start and certified childcare facilities, must have up-to-date documentation on their immunizations or have an exemption.

Call Umpqua Health at (541) 229-7038 to schedule an appointment today. The Alliance says most commercial insurances and OHP are accepted.

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