Umpqua Brew Fest 8 brings community together for beer and cider

(SBG photo)

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- There is no doubt about it. A lot of Oregonians enjoy the beer made right here at home.

In Roseburg, “Umpqua Brew Fest 8” brought the beer and community together over the weekend for the eighth straight year where beer and cider were the talk of the town.

"The peachy was equally as good…I'm drinking that right now…it's awesome, yeah,” said California resident Jeannie Jones during a tasting.

Wristband-wearing 21-and-older patrons were treated by breweries from all over Oregon ready with a beer on hand, along with local food, games, and live music.

Umpqua Brew Fest 8 organizers said they want people to realize the importance of togetherness.

"(It’s an event) where people can come together and, regardless of where they are on the political spectrum, not focus on the divisiveness, focus in on what our greatest common denominator is, and that's our community," said the festival’s lead promoter, Kasey Havik.

And the people we spoke to agreed.

"Just wishing everybody well, ya know? Just wishing everybody will have a great time and celebrate your community here," said Connie Strohmayer of California.

Some of the event’s proceeds will go towards a non-profit organization to protect the Umpqua Watershed, which advocates for clean water in the community.

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