The secret to 100: 'A lot of sunshine and a good attitude'

Cottage Grove's own Rosie the Riveter turned 100 this month.

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. - Cottage Grove's own Rosie the Riveter is celebrating her 100th birthday this month, so we reached out to take a look at what her role was during World War II.

More than 70 years ago, while men were fighting to defend our country, women like Alice Heiney supported the United States through the workforce.

Alice remembers inspecting bullets before they were used in combat by American soldiers.

Unfortunately, she has no pictures from her Rosie days -- they burned in a house fire years ago. Still, she remembers it all clearly. She says being a member of the American Rosie the Riveter Association is her greatest accomplishment.

On January 2nd, Alice hit an impressive milestone, turning 100 years old.

"I've always been a happy person," said Alice. "Maybe that's why I've gotten so old. You have to laugh a lot."

Now days, Alice is assisted by her grandson, Michael Tripp, who makes sure she doesn't miss a meal, or her patriotic earrings.

Michael says his grandmother forgot to mention some other things through her hundred years of life. For instance she would teach at schools when she was younger, and quilt blankets for the homeless.

"She is an inspiration to me and so many people around here," said Tripp.

After all these years, she still hasn't lost that Rosie the Riveter spirit.

Alice says her secret to living 100 years is organic farm food, a lot of sunshine and most importantly, a good attitude.

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