Springfield mother searches for runaway teenage son

Ashton Bryson (Photo via Bryson family)

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- A Springfield mother is desperately searching for her teenage son after she says he left home four days ago.

Sarah Bryson says she and her 14-year-old son, Ashton, got into an argument on Wednesday.

According to Bryson, he told her he was going to step outside…and that was the last time she saw him.

Bryson says this is not the first time Ashton has run away from home, but it’s the longest he's been away.

Bryson is asking the public to keep an eye out for Ashton because he has medical issues, and she does not believe he has money or shelter.

Bryson says Ashton usually runs away to Washington Jefferson Park or Clearwater Park near the Willamette River.

"I want my kid to come home to me, and it scares me because in his mind he's 14 years old; he can control his own life and do whatever he wants to do, and he can't see that there’s real danger in the things that he does," said Bryson.

Ashton Bryson is described as 5’9”, 130 pounds with bright red wavy hair.

He also has brown eyes, freckles, and a scar above his lip.

If you have any information about his whereabouts call the Springfield Police non-emergency line.

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