Second Amendment preservation ordinance set to hit November ballot in Douglas County

    Second Amendment preservation ordinance set to hit November ballot in Douglas County (SBG)

    ROSEBURG, Ore. - The Douglas County Board of Commissioners gave the green light to a gun rights ordinance on Wednesday that will get to voters in November.

    After three public hearings, voters in Douglas County will find the "Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance" on their ballot in November.

    It would preserve the constitutional right of the people of Douglas County to keep and bear arms, possess, manufacture, transfer, sell and buy firearms. This includes semi-automatic weapons.

    Residents can also possess lawfully owned firearms without registration requirements, but not everyone is on board with the ordinance.

    "It doesn't do anything for child safety or facing the public health crisis that we have with gun violence in this county," said Larry Hall, a Douglas County resident. "We have become a very violent country."

    Others say that they can send a strong message to the state with this ordinance.

    "People are sick and tired of what's coming down from Salem and Portland," said Tom McKirgan. "Being told what we can and cannot do in our own county."

    Douglas County Commissioner Tim Freeman says he wants voters to make the final decision.

    "It's certainly legally more in effect if the voters vote on it," said Freeman. "It gives you more legal authority and less worry about it changing in the future. Unless the public wants to change it."

    The ordinance also give the Douglas County Sheriff the power to decide whether any federal, state or local gun regulation is unconstitutional. Anyone violating the ordinance could be taken to Civil Court and fined thousands of dollars. Now, it's up to voters to decide.

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