Roseburg VA Director faces number of challenges in new role

New Roseburg VA Director to take challenges head on (SBG)

ROSEBURG, Ore. - There are some changes on the way for the Roseburg Veterans Association, as the facility faces allegations of bullying and retaliation.

A new director will now lead the VA in Roseburg, but there will be several challenges facing him.

David Whitmer is eager to jump into his new position,, but his is joining the staff at a time when the hospital is dealing with past allegations of retaliation and bullying.

"Make sure that we look at some of the issues that have been raised, and work on resolving those together with input from our stakeholders, community, from our veterans and our congressional representatives," said Whitmer.

Whitmer says he wants to change the culture at the VA, and his first step is making sure there's an open-door policy.

"In the course of this week, I've met with dozens of employees who has concerns and had the courage to raise those concerns to me and I've had a chance to sit down and talk with them," said Whitmer.

He also wants to restore confidence in the VA moving forward.

"Restore trust in the community," said Whitmer. "Trust among our veterans and our employees about us moving forward together and serving our veterans."

Whitmer says he is ready to listen to veterans and employees during his time at the hospital.

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