Roseburg schools dealing with aftermath of cyber attack

Flathead hackers known to have history of cyber attacks

ROSEBURG, Ore. - The FBI is now investigating a ransomware attack that is affecting the Rosebug Public School's computer system.

The cyber attack happened earlier this month, freezing access to the district's email system, website and buisiness and accounting software.

District officials say employee information was not accessed, but they don't know how much data they'll be able to get back.

"They don't hold out a lot of hope that they will be able to prosecute them, and they made it very clear to us that they couldn't help us recover our data," said Gerry Washburn, the Roseburg Schools Superintendent.

The FBI advised the district not to pay the ransom to recover the data. The district regained access to its email this week, and plans to have to website back up as early as next week.

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