Roseburg School Board appoints Freeman as interim superintendent

(File photo/SBG)

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- On Wednesday, following an executive session, the Roseburg School Board voted during its regularly scheduled meeting to place Roseburg Public Schools Superintendent Gerry Washburn on administrative leave with the intention of having the district’s legal counsel negotiate a separation agreement, the district said.

The board also voted to install Human Resources Director Robert Freeman as interim superintendent. Freeman will serve in the short term while a search begins for a full-time interim superintendent who can serve during the search for a new superintendent.

Freeman has served as HR director for the past two years, and previously was an elementary school principal for 10 years, student services director for five years and a classroom teacher for 14 years.

Freeman’s immediate goal will be to ensure a smooth and successful start to the 2018-19 school year.

“My focus right now as interim superintendent, and the goal for all of our administrators, is to ensure we’re ready as a district to start the school year off with enthusiasm and a passion for learning,” Freeman said. “We want our students to return to school knowing that we as a district are here for them, first and foremost.”

“Our administrators know that this is a time to pull together and work as a team for our students and parents,” Freeman said. “We want to ensure our families that the district is going to continue working to provide the best academic experience for all of our students.”

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