Roseburg High can keep Indian mascot with approval of Tribe, State Education Board says

Roseburg High School Principal Jill Weber

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Thursday night's State Board of Education meeting left many Oregon schools hopeful after the board voted schools can keep their Native American-themed mascots and logos with the approval of a Native American tribe.

This comes after the board's 2012 announcement that school districts had to get rid of the mascots by 2017.

Roseburg High principal Jill Weber says they already have a great relationship with the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians, and the school has already started taking steps to formally work with the tribe.

"So the ruling does give us some very clear guidance that we need to follow," Webber explains. "We do create a written agreement with the Tribe, and that's something that we've already started to work on. We will bring that to the community for their input and see how they can help us with that agreement. We will also be doing some education around the Native American history of our local tribe and include that within our educational system within our district."

Weber, who graduated from Roseburg High as an 'Indian,' says she and the school community were excited to hear they can keep the Indian mascot.

The school board's decision will save Roseburg High a great deal of money, officials said, adding it would have cost nearly $300K to replace the existing mascot symbols and logos.

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