Roseburg grocery store donates semi-truck load of food to food bank

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ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A Roseburg grocery market is giving back to the community in a big way by donating to a local food bank.

Instead of receiving shipments of food this week, Sherm's Thunderbird filled a semi-truck of their own and delivering it to the U-CAN Food Bank.

"Every year we get a lot of food during the holiday season, but this is just another large influx of food that can help us push through the summer months when we get less food from people," said U-CAN Food Bank’s Sarah McGregor.

Volunteers were on hand to unload the 30,000 pounds of food.

There are many types of food that will help fill the shelves for months to come.

"Ramen or cereal or noodles or chili or soup, items like that," Sherm’s store manager John Robertson said.

It's a tradition for Sherm's Thunderbird, now in its twelfth year - they've donated over 345,000 pounds of food to the food bank.

Robertson said that sends an important message: "You're buying from a store that likes to give back to every community they're in."

For the food bank, it's an overwhelming gesture.

"Not every community has such a giving business,” said McGregor., “so that really means a lot to us. We just feel really fortunate that they give to us every year."

Even if they don't expect it, McGregor said: "We don't always count on it, but we always hope that they call."

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