Rebuilding 'Animal House': Artifacts wanted for 'World's Largest Toga Party'

(SBG photo / Tom Adams)

EUGENE, Ore. -- Organizers of a giant toga party in Cottage Grove to celebrate 40 years of the movie Animal House have a special request.

You'll recall our fun story last month with Katherine Wilson and some of the local cast members of the movie.

The celebration continues in August with the staging of the world's largest toga party.

Wilson has collected some pieces of the old frat house that was eventually torn down in Eugene.

She needs donations of more pieces of that house for a special project.

“A brick, a board, a window - any kind of artifact at all from Animal House we would sure love for you to help us bring back the house, because we're going to do a three-story façade,” says Wilson, the Animal House event manager.

That 24-foot high facade will be set up in Bohemia Park in August in time for the toga party.

Wilson says to visit their Facebook page to let her know if you have house artifacts to donate.

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