Professor at UCC offers free textbook thanks to Open Oregon grant

    Professor at UCC offers free textbook thank to Open Oregon grant

    DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. - A professor at Umpqua Community College is making it easier for students to afford textbooks by writing his own.

    A textbook can cost well over $200, but this textbook, written by UCC Professor Dr. Mick Davis is free.

    He received a grant from Open Oregon to write an affordable textbook that would be available to students online.

    "Give students as many resources as possible,” said Dr. Davis. “Cut down the barriers, so they can still come to school, get a high quality education, and not walk away with so much debt."

    According to a study by the Government Accountability Office, between 2002 and 2013, the price of college textbooks rose more than 80 percent, three times the rate of inflation.

    It is an issue Davis is well aware of.

    "If we can remove some of those barriers and free up those mental cycles for learning, then students can learn more and actually progress through the program faster," said Dr. Davis.

    Davis plans to make hard copies of his textbook next year so other students can learn with less stress.

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