Preparing for a large earthquake in the Pacific Northwest

Earthquake near Scotts Mills on December 13, 2017 - USGS image

SCOTTS MILLS, Ore. – People as far south as Corvallis, Ore. and as far north as Longview, Wash. reported feeling a 4.0 magnitude earthquake just before 5:30 p.m. Wednesday.

For a lot of people, it serves as a reminder that “The Big One” could hit at any moment.

In light of the tremor, KATU news is helping you prepare in case a large earthquake causes significant damage to the area.

If you’re standing outside when an earthquake hits, you’ll want to get away from tall buildings or trees. Cover your head and hold on.

If you’re actually in your car, emergency officials say the best thing to do is to stay inside your car.

If you're inside, go under a desk or table, grab onto a table leg and cover you head. If you're asleep and the shaking wakes you up, emergency officials say that's when you should stay put and cover your head with a pillow.

Wednesday’s earthquake hit around the Scotts Mills area in Marion County.

The 4.0 magnitude wasn’t enough to force people to hide, but it’s still a good reminder to be ready.

It’s likely basic services such as electricity, gas, water and telephones could be cut off. Or, you may be forced to evacuate, which means having an emergency kit prepared in advance is essential.

Multnomah County officials say the kit should include water; experts recommend 14 gallons per person. It should also include foods high in protein like power bars, canned beans and peanut butter.

Medications, a first aid kit, a flashlight, batteries, a can opener, and clothes are other things to consider including.

Multnomah County has a packet that breaks down how to prepare and what to put in your kit.

The packet prompts important discussions with your families and roommates.

You can also click here to get more information on earthquake history in Oregon.

Another good tool, this map that show which buildings in the Portland area are likely not ready for the quick quake.

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