POW in Korea finally receives Eagle Scout badge he earned before war

    Ed Soria served in the US Army during the Korean and Vietnam wars. Decades later, he received his Eagle Scout badge he earned before the war. (SBG)

    MEDFORD, Ore. -- Ed Soria served in the US Army during the Korean and Vietnam wars.

    He was a prisoner of war during the Korean conflict right after he turned 18.

    He became a Tiger Survivor - a group of 700 men taken prisoner in 1950.

    Now, there are just 36 left across the United States.

    "We lost 58 percent of the men to malnutrition...no medical help," Soria says.

    Before he left for war he became an Eagle Scout.

    "My Eagle Scout training helped me tremendously to survive in a very harsh environment."

    But he never received the honors that come with it despite having all the honors received as for his military service.

    "I think the medal was taken to my mother but somehow it got lost," he says.

    When he finally came home from South Korea he got back into the fight; this time in Vietnam in the '60s.

    "There's nothing like freedom, and freedom isn't free," he says. "You have to fight for it!"

    Many years after that, his service is still celebrated.

    On Tuesday, he finally received his Eagle Scout honors.

    He now he lives in Lake Shastina, exactly where he wants to be.

    "I promised myself that one day, when all the wars were over for me, that I would find a place where it would be quiet and I could watch the trees in the breeze, the birds flying...tranquility."

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