Pot shop owner and former reserve police officer joins race for Douglas County Commission

James "Jim" Hoyt announced he's running for Douglas County commissioner, June 2, 2018. (SBG)

ROSEBURG, Ore. - James "Jim" Hoyt has owned the 420 Club, a cannabis dispensary in Roseburg, for four years.

He also spent time as a contractor and reserve police officer for the Winston Police Department.

Now, he's running for Douglas County commissioner.

He says he wants to "develop new revenue for the county. People are being murdered with their property taxes."

And Hoyt says more tax revenue can be generated from the marijuana industry.

"Even if people are opposed to marijuana in itself, it's here and it's not going away," he says. "Let's take advantage of it."

He also hopes to bring more jobs back to Douglas County.

"The trades, ya know? Construction," he explains, "Roseburg is a prime place to actually start training programs."

If elected, Hoyt would fill the vacated seat of former commissioner Gary Leif, who resigned when he was appointed to the state legislature.

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