Portland police shoot, kill suspect who they say took woman hostage at Del Rancho Motel

Portland police were involved in a shooting at Del Rancho Motel on Oct. 10, 2018. The suspect died at the scene. Photo by Carter Maynard

Portland police shot and killed a man at the Del Rancho Motel in Southeast Portland Wednesday.

The incident began at 9:11 a.m. when officers responded to an argument near the motel at 7622 Southeast 82nd Avenue.

When officers arrived, they learned one of the suspects reportedly involved in the fight was armed with a knife and had tried to stab another person. As officers investigated the incident, they determined the man had entered a room at the Del Rancho Motel.

Officers went to the motel and learned the man was inside a room and holding a woman hostage. Officers tried contacting the suspect, but he threatened to kill the woman.

Portland Police Bureau’s Crisis Negotiation Team and Special Emergency Reaction Team responded to assist with the incident.

During the incident, an officer shot and killed the suspect.

Witnesses told KATU the man got in an argument at a convenience store across the street from the motel after someone cut in line. Police said that was when the man tried to stab someone. He then ran across the street.

"I see this guy going crazy, I guess," a witness, Andrew English, said. "He was fighting at 7-Eleven. The brawl escalated -- him and his girlfriend -- he had a girlfriend. They go across the street, and he shoved his girlfriend into the room and says he's going to kill himself and her."

Two officers responded. Two witnesses told KATU the man was talking nonsensically to officers but didn't appear to be confrontational. Then they said his mood switched and he barricaded himself in the room.

Portland police haven't said whether the woman was still inside the room when the shooting happened. And police haven't said whether the man showed his knife or lunged at either of the officers.

Portland Police Homicide Detectives and the East County Major Crimes Team and Multnomah County District Attorney's Office will investigate the shooting.

Police say they will identify the deceased man at a later time.

The officer involved will remain on paid administrative leave until the investigation is complete.

Police closed Southeast 82nd Avenue in both directions between Southeast Flavel Street and Southeast Harney Street while they negotiated with the suspect. The closure impacted TriMet's 72 bus line.

Anyone with information about this investigation should contact contact Portland Police Bureau Homicide Detail Detective Scott Broughton at 503-823-3774 or or Detective Rico Beniga at 503-823-0457 or

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