Police investigate string of connected burglaries in Douglas County

(KPIC image)

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Police are investigating a string of burglaries in Douglas County from over the weekend.

According to the Roseburg Police Department, a burglary that occurred at Southgate Market is connected to a break-in at Dakota Street Pizza in Sutherlin.

The suspects also broke into the Quines Creek Gas and Feed in Glendale.

RPD is asking folks to be on the lookout.

"We have lots of people with the local mills and those kinds of things that work early morning hours, so if they see something out of the routine, just to give us a call, even if it's just something that seems a little bit out of place," said Roseburg Police Sgt. Dennis Chrisenbery.

Police are still investigating the burglaries and will release more information as the case develops.

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