Police in Douglas County train for active shooter threats

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WINSTON, Ore. -- Police departments in Douglas County are preparing to deal with any situation that comes their way - including an active shooter or threat.

The Sutherlin, Winston and Myrtle Creek police departments teamed up for a day-long active shooter training at Douglas High School in Winston.

Sutherlin Police Officer Ashley Alliman says it was important for all three agencies to come together.

"Honestly, if something big like this were to actually happen, all of us are going to be there to respond, so it's good to be able to work with other teams and get familiar with the buildings in the area,” Alliman said.

With masks on and simulation guns in hand, officers exposed themselves to all parts of a high-risk situation, including caring for a fallen officer or victim.

"You train how you play,” Winston Police Cpl. Mike Miller explained, “so, if you're always trained where the shooter is down and we stop, hen that's what we're going to do in real life because that's what we're programmed to do."

And part of that training is talking through everything they've learned.

"Everybody can learn from every scenario,” Miller said. “No matter how long they've been a cop, how tactical they are, to get everybody else's ideas and combine them together helps everybody learn something different."

Because it can be tough for officers to react in high stress situations.

"It's something you try and prepare for,” said Officer Alliman. “You do your best to prepare for it, but when you're in the heat of the moment, a lot of those tactics that we train for go out the window because your ultimate goal is to save lives and to stop the threat."

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