Phoenix Charter School in Roseburg enters full lockdown Thursday morning, school says

Screen shot from Phoenix Charter School website (

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Phoenix Charter School entered a full lockdown of its campus late Thursday morning after a threatening piece of graffiti was discovered by staff in a restroom, school officials said.

Roseburg Police responded with multiple officers and, with school staff, assessed the situation to determine the level of threat to the student body and identify the source.

After an hour of lockdown, staff and police released students to their parents and the campus continued in a modified lockdown the remainder of the day.

School officials say all students were escorted by staff and police to their parent/guardian as they were being picked up for the day. The remainder of the student body were bused as normal.

Officials say school will resume Friday as scheduled.

No one was injured or hurt during the incident, the school said.

"Phoenix School staff would like to extend our deep thanks to the Roseburg Police Department for their cautious and professional response to this incident," the school said in a news release.

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