Petition circulating to bring Uber service back to Roseburg

(KPIC image)

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- There's a petition circulating in Roseburg to bring back ride-sharing service Uber.

This follows the company's decision to suspend service after being issued a warning from the City of Roseburg for not following taxicab regulations.

The petition has almost 150 signatures so far. Its goal is to attain 1,500.

The person behind the petition says they want to see Uber back as quickly as possible, but city officials say patience is key.

"Try to be patient because, once the process is in motion, it very well could be that Uber or any T and C is welcome in Roseburg again," said Roseburg City Councilman Brian Prawitz.

Officials say Uber will begin talking to the City this week about its ride sharing services.

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