PeaceHealth to offer pneumonia vaccines in new health initiative

The Daily Beast used positive flu tests, statewide vaccination coverage, flu and pneumonia deaths, and estimated flu activity to rank the sickest cities in America this past flu season.

EUGENE, Ore. - Local PeaceHealth Medical Centers are working to prevent pneumonia hospitalizations by offering vaccines to high-risk patients before they're discharged from the hospital.

PeaceHealth partnered with Lane County Public Health on the initiative.

Pneumonia is a leading cause of hospitalizations and deaths in the United States. Nearly one million adults contract pneumonia every year, with 5-7 percent of those resulting in death.

With the new initiative, vaccinations will be offered to all patients over the age of 65, and those who are at high risk for pneumonia.

"Let's say they had a car accident and they're having a bone set," said Dr. Patrick Luedtke, with Human Health and Services. "Well, we're going to try to do a prevention and fix their bone, but also give them this vaccine so when they walk out, they're not only better with their bone, but they're better with their risk of infectious disease as well."

The vaccination initiative is funded by a Lane County Public Health grant and a PeaceHealth Community Health donation.

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