Parents react to fear-filled day after shots fired at Cascade Middle School

    Eugene police officers and teachers escort students at Cascade Middle School to be reunited with their waiting parents outside St. Mark's Catholic Church in Eugene, Ore., Friday, Jan. 11, 2019. Eugene police Lt. Jennifer Bills told reporters that the incident began with a dispute outside the school. It wasn't clear who was involved and no further details were released. (AP Photo/Andrew Selsky)

    EUGENE, Ore. - Friday, many parents are left thankful that a bad situation didn't turn out even worse.

    An officer-involved shooting left one man dead outside of Cascade Middle School in Eugene Friday morning.

    Police say all students and staff are safe, but they will continue to investigate the situation.

    There were a lot of concerned parents waiting outside of the school, many who spoke with their students on cell phones inside. They just wanted to say "I love you" and "I'm safe," but concern still lingered all day.

    “It's a little overwhelming, you never want to get that call from your school,” said one parent at Cascade Middle School.

    It happened outside the school around 10:30 Friday morning. That's when police say a custody dispute turned deadly.

    The male suspect was shot and killed by police, after they say he pulled out a gun while being escorted from the school.

    The school remained on lockout for the rest of the day, meaning all exterior doors are locked while the school day continued.

    “She's 11 and she was able to call from her band class and let us know that she's fine, which is a relief for us,” said Gerardo Arangure, a parent at the school.

    “I said I'm sitting outside your school and I will be here 'til they let you, 'til they release you guys to come out here,” said Nicole Teter, another parent.

    Parents were able to pick up students at Saint Mark's Catholic Church at release time.

    The Interagency Deadly Police Force Investigation Team is continuing to investigate.

    The school is just happy to report that, after this ordeal, all students and staff are safe.

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