OSU roommates accidentally reunite in Roseburg after 70 years

Betty Alldredge and Mickey Pedersen lived in the Pines at Oregon State University. They hadn't seen each other for 70 years before they accidentally reunited in Roseburg.

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Two college roommates have accidentally reunited in Roseburg after 70 years.

Oregon State University roommates from 1946 spent a lifetime apart before reuniting at Garden Valley Senior Living Community.

Betty Alldredge and Mickey Pedersen lived in the Pines at OSU. Betty graduated and moved to Texas while Mickey left school to get married.

Years later, they unknowingly became roommates again.

The two ladies sat down at a table for lunch one day and what started as polite small talk quickly turned into the rekindling of a long lost friendship.

"That was a long time ago; I didn't know who it was," said Mickey Pederson, "but we started table talk of course where did we go to school."

"To suddenly realize that this person across the table from me was someone I had known really well " added Betty Alldredge.

"Finally, it dawned on me, 'oh, I know you, we double dated while we were in school,'" Pederson said.

"Because of my poor vision, if I had been seated anywhere else in the dining room, say across the room, I don't know if we would have realized that we've known each other," Alldredge said, "I don't know if I would have found her."

The ladies both married their college sweethearts and they say their friendship is as strong as ever.

Call it fate, destiny, or a small world, but Betty and Mickey say it was simply coincidence that brought them together again.

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