OSU Receives Award to Help Reduce Food Waste on Campus

OSU waste an estimated 250,000 pounds of food annually on January 8th, 2018. at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Ore. (Clara Benitez/SBG)

CORVALLIS, Ore.- Oregon State University has received a grant to help them better combat food waste on campus.

OSU was awarded a $27,000 grant to implement the new program, which they hope will reduce their food scarps by 10%.

OSU estimates they waste on average 200,000 to 250,000 pounds of food each year, which is equivalent to the same weight of 3 semi-trucks.

With this new program, they will be able to record the food being wasted more accurately.

The new system will allow them to take a picture, tracking its weight, food type, cause of waste and the cost.

Chris Anderson, with University Housing and Dining Services says it's a nationwide issue.

“The whole nation is really paying attention to how do we conserve our resources, and conserve energy--preventing food waste upstream is a great start to is,” says Anderson.

The program is called LeanPath, which is based in Portland.

The company technology is used for large scale operations, which Anderson says makes the University a perfect fit.

The next step is to review the data and, among other option, look at ways to cut down on food purchases.

The program will be installed in June and is expected to be ready for the 2018-2019 school year.

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