Oakland vet clinic uses acupuncture, chiropractic treatment to care for animals

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OAKLAND, Ore. -- Would you allow yourself to be stuck with needles if it meant relief from a chronic pain? How about your pet?

An Oakland veterinarian is using an ancient Chinese method to change the lives of animals.

At most veterinary clinics, it's common to see vets treating their patients for pain using chewable tablets or medication that can be taken with their food. However, at Oakland Veterinary Hospital they have found a different method, going back to ancient times for non-traditional treatment.

One patient, a rescued German shepherd named Riley, has a back-end that isn't quite right, causing him pain and discomfort.

Riley visits Dr. Gene Kang a few times a month for acupuncture and chiropractic treatment.

"By stimulating different neurological signals from that area, we can turn down how strongly you feel pain," Kang says.

Dr. Kang says acupuncture is one of the best forms of treatment for arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions in animals.

"We reduce how much drugs we use. We can use them in addition to drugs and get much more effective pain relief."

Riley's owner says the results of the treatment are almost instantly apparent.

"Instead of his hind end sort of dragging and his tail dragging on the ground and he sort of fishtails when he runs, tomorrow morning he'll be a straight, narrow dog and that's why I do it. I love seeing that," says Riley's owner, Deb Koehler.

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