Number of handguns carried by women increases in U.S.

Records show an increase in the number of women getting a license to carry a concealed handgun.

EUGENE, Ore. - Northwest Arsenal, a new indoor shooting range in Eugene, is having its grand opening this weekend. Given the national statistics, they'll be serving a wide-ranging clientele, as well.

As the only indoor shooting range in Lane County, Northwest Arsenal attracts customers who have, or are in the process of getting a concealed handgun license.

According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, the number of people with CHL's is growing, and in some states, women are outpacing the men.

If target practice is any indication, the Alldridge family is made up of four sharp shooters. And in case they need the guns off of the range one day, they have a ton of experience hitting their targets.

"A lot of instances we've seen in all of the various shootings, and all kinds of places," said Scott Alldridge. "It's been very much a concern for us."

They're practicing for their concealed handgun licenses, of which 14.5 million people in America have one. The local carriers are bring business to the newly opened Northwest Arsenal in Eugene, and the clientele is matching a national trend: more women.

"They're coming in, they're wanting to know the best way to carry their handguns concealed," said Ken-Bob Johnson, the co-owner of Northwest Arsenal. "What's the best concealed handgun, and what would be the best self defense round on the market for them."

The latest data from the Crime Prevention Research Center shows that in states that track gender, the number of women getting CHL's outpaced men two-to-one from 2012-2016.

Northwest Arsenal's been open for about three months now, but their official grand opening this this weekend, complete with raffles and giveaways. Not only do they have the gun range, but they also have machine gun rentals, including a Tommy Gun, and they sell firearms too.

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