North Douglas County firefighter, Mike Dickey, retires after 20 years

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YONCALLA, Ore. -- After two decades, a longtime volunteer firefighter with the North Douglas County Fire department is leaving.

75-year-old Fire Captain Mike Dickey ran his last call for the department after 20 years of service.

"I enjoy being on scene; I specifically like to be the operator of the engine. That's where I feel the most comfortable," said the now-retired Dickey.

He and his fire truck share a special bond; they have shared about 40,000 miles together and started their careers at the same time.

"The chief at that time said, 'This is your baby. You take care of it,' and it was brand new at the time and so was I, and after a few sleepless nights and figuring out how to do things, I became comfortable with it."

But he says he's looking forward to retirement.

"I don't have to get up at 4 o'clock in the morning on a stormy, windy night or morning. I think that's the thing I will enjoy not having to respond to.”

As for what he'll do after retirement, Dickey says he looks forward to serving the community without having to battle fires.

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