Non-profit in Roseburg aims to help kids sleep in heavenly peace

Non-profit in Roseburg aims to help kids sleep in heavenly peace (SBG)

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. - An organization in Douglas County is making sure that every child has a bed to sleep in going forward.

"Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Umpqua Chapter" is a non-profit organization in Douglas County that is helping build and deliver bunk beds to kids in need. Thanks to volunteers, two kids in Roseburg now have beds to sleep in,

"It shows the people care, and are compassionate towards families that maybe don't have everything they need," said Shelley Maret, who received beds through the non-profit.

The chapter has been up and running for a couple of months, and has made five deliveries in the area so far. Chapter President James P. Wilson says that the kids make it all worth wile.

"The may be shy for a minute, but 20 seconds later, they're up and down the bed, they're fighting over the top bunk, it's the best part," said Wilson.

The organization also provides donated mattresses and bedding for the kids so that they can sleep comfortably in their new beds.

"It's ready to sleep in," said Wilson. "We're not leaving here with just another piece of furniture to look at."

The families are grateful that they have one less thing to worry about as well, because sometimes the most basic needs bring the most joy.

"Especially when you don't, when some families don't have a lot that they can go out and buy things with so that makes it even better," said Maret.

The organization hopes to get more volunteers in the future so that kids in the county can sleep in heavenly peace.

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